聚脂膜箔式电容器 Polyester Film Capacitors

采用标准 :Reference Standard GB6349-86 (IEC384-11)

结构 Structures

介质:聚酯膜。 Material: Polyester Film

电极:铝箔。 Electrode: Aluminum Foil

封装: 阻燃环氧树脂 (UL94 V-0). Enveloped with passive flammability Epoxy-resin (UL94-0)

典型应用 Using area

直流及低脉冲场合。 如:低频滤波,隔直流及旁路等 不推荐使用在交流、滤波、振荡及高频场合。

DC and low pulse circuit, E. G. Low frequency filrer, Block DC and by-pass Etc. please do not use in the AC, Filtering, Oscillation and high frequency circuits.

特点 Features: 体积很小,重量轻;高可靠性。 Small size with high stability and reliability

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